One of our expertise is to provide on-site maintenance oversight and other technical representative services to Airlines, Aircraft operators and Lessors&Banks worldwide. On site representation helps the airline / operator / lessor to discover the discrepancies during the Scheduled Heavy Maintenance, lease returns, non-routine MRO visits.

  • Aircraft delivery and re-delivery processes, Assessment of Technical Necessities and Return Conditions of Operation Lease
  • Heavy maintenance oversight
  • Overall Situation Assessment and Technical Documentation Oversight
  • Technical Records Audits
  • Mid-term audits/ Maintenance Audits
  • Aircraft repossession technical support
  • Damage Assessment
  • Onsite structural/sheet metal/composite repair reviews
  • Onsite bare metal inspections during paint events
  • Onsite repair oversight/support during transition maintenance checks
  • Onsite dent and buckle/repair file mapping
  • Repair file DFP review with Open Item List
  • Repair file/dent and buckle chart creation
  • Technical helpdesk support

We offer  flexible approach to our clients and always ready to personalized solutions.